Saturday, April 05, 2014

17 Mile Drive

Please excuse the long post, but we had such a picturesque time on the coast that I couldn't resist sharing it with you.  Our spring break was a bit different this year as I was teaching, so we were only able to get away for an overnight.  However, the week was filled with magical moments: dinner and conversation with good friends, playtime with neighbors, a backyard movie bash, and our trip to visit the USS Hornet and 17 mile drive. 

Seeing the sea lions and bird on Bird Rock was a highlight. 

Getting up close and personal with the wild (tame?) life.

Another Year Older

In the midst of the kids' birthday celebrations, we have to celebrate dad, too.  Lloyd gained another year with a couple of celebrations.  We enjoyed some wonderful Baskin Robbins ice cream on his birthday and then he shared a cake (as he shares his birthday) with our friend and neighbor, Clara.  
Celebrating with the fam!

Letting Clara blow out the candles!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Andrew's Birthday Party 2014

And. . . more birthday!!!  Andrew turned 8 this year and he was very insistent on a football cake.  Since the Niners were in the playoffs, it seemed appropriate to shout out to our local team.  When I saw this little football launcher it seemed like a no brainer to give our active little boy an active birthday cake.  He was surprised and delighted  -- and we had to launch the football over the candles, of course.  He had his first sleepover with four friends.  They were even asleep by midnight!!!


Anika's 10th Birthday Bash

It is the birthday time of year again!  Our little girl is TEN.  Wow!  Where has the time gone.  It is hard to believe that this  young lady made us parents a decade ago.  She was so excited about her KitKat cake, her friends, and a special double-digit visit to John's Incredible Pizza. 

Besties!  Such a great group of wonderful girls!

Christmas & New Year's 2013 in Review

Just a month late. . . Here are some pictures from our Christmas break.  (Unfortunately, there are any of Lloyd - so tragic!)


 After our Christmas service, we packed up and headed south to spend a few days with Lloyd's side of the family in SoCal.  It was a great visit.  We had cousin time, gift time, tea time, parade float time, bowling time, movie time. . . and the list could go on.  Here are a few shots of the Rose Parade floats.  We watched the parade on TV and then headed to Pasadena to see them all parked.  It was PACKED.  But the floats were incredible!

I liked this monster truck:-)

Nene with her grands!

Friday, November 01, 2013

Trunk or Treating 2013

Our tradition of creating costumes from what we have in the house continues!  We have so much fun piecing together fun "looks".  Here are the kiddos all ready for "Trunk or Treating" at a few churches around town.  We walked around with Anika's best friend, Raegan, and her family so Mom and Dad enjoyed the social time too.
My Hello Kitty, with her Hello Kitty pumpkin in the background!

How can you go wrong with the 80s looks.  (I mean really, anything goes as long as you have BIG hair).

Andrew is still pleased with a Star Wars theme so this year with did a young Luke Skywalker.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pumpkin Carving 2013

Better late than never was our motto this year.  Last night we finally carved up a few pumpkins.  The kids were so excited and every year they are able to participate more and more.  Kathryn really enjoyed it this year!  The funny thing about last minute plans is that they can often go so much better.  I was so pleased with this year's carving results.