Sunday, March 22, 2015

Christmas & New Beginnings

Just before Christmas we moved into our new home in San Onofre, Camp Pendleton. What joy to be together again (and have a the move behind us and Christmas and new adventures ahead.) The kids didn't start school until the new year so we tried to spend the time getting unpacked, celebrating the holiday with family, spending a fun day at Sea World, and enjoying the beach.
Whew! Checking & double checking

Entertaining themselves in the midst of chaos!

Thanks to Dad's foresight we even had a tree for Christmas.

Beach Time

Sandy treasures

Christmas cousin fun!

Christmas stockings!
Sea World Experience

The end of a year of change and new beginnings!

Thanksgiving and Last hurrahs!

Thanksgiving meant the end of Lloyd's training and hope for a reunited family. We were able to spend Thanksgiving together at Lloyd's parent's house with his sister & her hubby. Then we parted ways for a few more weeks as we concluded the semester with lots of "last hurrahs" and Lloyd checked in at Camp Pendelton.

Lloyd's parents were in Hawaii but we were able to enjoy the holiday crashing at their pad.

Thankful wife.

Happy Family - together again!

Last hurrah: final Christmas program at AVCRC. Anika  sang some beautiful solos

Last hurrah: Moving out of the wonderful parsonage and true home for 6 years.

Last (and first) hurrah: Anika's Christmas & band concert

Fall 2014: Catching Up

Well, loyal blog watchers, forgive me for my lack of posting! And now I'm going to try a couple of huge catch up posts:-)  I read once that you will never regret blogging, only not doing it. So, I'm going to try and get a couple of months into a couple of posts. Here are a few things we did to keep busy while Lloyd was off at training:

Red Ribbon Week: The kiddos were all decked out in red!

Costumes for Trunk or Treating

FaceTime with Daddy!

Anika cheering at a Knights' Football Game!

Kathryn (somewhere in the back) cheering!

Good-bye party hosted by the Jungs!

Chaplain Sunday at AVCRC 

Thanksgiving Play at Kathryn's class

Thursday, October 02, 2014

A Trip To Newport, RI

Hello loyal blog followers!  It has been awhile since I've posted, but this is a big one.  Last May, Lloyd commissioned as a LT in the US Navy Chaplain Corp.  This means big changes for our family.  We haven't published too much on social media but this weekend was a big one for our family.  Lloyd started training at the end of August and last weekend the kids and I were able to visit him after 5 weeks of separation.  It was an amazing, wonderful, delightful reunion.  We flew to Newport, picked up a rental van, checked in at the hotel, and found a nice camo-clad surprise waiting for us. (We weren't expecting to see Lloyd until the next day but he got special liberty to meet us at the hotel!!!)
 We enjoyed an hor dourves recption at the O Club (Officers' Club), bowling at the base recreation center, shopping at the NEX (Navy Exchange) and we hadn't even left the base!  After graduation on Friday, we spent the weekend lounging at the hotel pool, checking out Historical downtown Newport, and hiking "Cliff Walk" to see the mansions of the Vanderbilts and others. All too soon, Sunday came and it was back to reality.

On our way to see Daddy!  2:30AM wake-up call for a good cause.

Together again!!!!

The reception at the O Club afforded opportunity to meet some of Dad's new friends.  (In this picture: 2 rabbis, 1 Catholic priest, and a Protestant pastor w/ his kids.)

Waiting for graduation to start.  Lloyd tells us in the military "on time" means you are late:-)

Our officer and gentleman!

A class of 122 doctors, lawyers, dentists, nurses, cyber warfare specialists and chaplains!

Sitting in a pew at Trinity Episcopal Church where George Washington and Elizabeth II of England sat.