Saturday, May 17, 2014

Splish-Splash 6th Birthday Party Bash

This year was Kathryn's first year to have a "school friend" birthday - and we went all out and invited all the girls in her class as well as the neighborhood friends.  What a blast!  Since we were looking at a HOT week, we made it a water theme.  We had a froggies on the pond cake, water relays, water balloon fights, snacks, ice cream, presents, and pizza.  It was a jammed packed afternoon but I think everyone had fun and the time flew by.  It was a wonderful afternoon with fabulous girls! 

Water sponge relay - which team can fill up their bucket to the blue line first.

Cheering on their teammates!

My baby - um, I mean, birthday girl!

Getting silly with the frosting - good things we were outside. . . with a hose:-)


"Take me out to the baaaalllll game!"

Mother's Day

Mother's Day Memories:
-a wonderful, worship service
-sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee while my wonderful husband and daughter created a gourmet meal
-watching a tear-jerking, touching video tribute by my oldest (who wrote a song and created a video montage for me).
-getting a special promise from my son that he would be on his best behavior and not "harass his sisters"!
-a heart-shaped card from Kathryn done all on her own.
-an amazing concert/worship service by the Bel Canto girls' choir from Azusa Pacific.
-hosting two special ladies from the choir who gushed over my kiddos and made our night special.

Muffins, Makeovers, Moms, and May

This is always one of my favorite days of the Kindergarten year!  Kathryn invited me to have a special pampering day in KB land.  I came "fresh-faced" and hungry.  We munched on muffins and fruit and then the real fun began.  Kat painted my nails and applied my make-up.  (And she gave a pretty mean foot massage too!)  It was a wonderful, special morning with my little girl.

Selfie - before

Selfie - after!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter 2014

Spring Program and Open House 2014

Where has the time gone?  It is hard to believe that we are just weeks from the end of the school year, and my precious little ones are showing me around their classrooms and singing in their spring program.  Wow!  Andrew and Kat got all duded up to sing while Anika sat with us as a "recently graduated out of the elementary school program" audience member.  We were still able to enjoy a visit to her classroom to see the impressive "classroom city" project. 

Fun spring-inspired flower!

Anika ran the church at her classroom city!

Finally a decent picture with Mrs. H.  (Kat refused to smile nicely with Mrs. Huisken at the beginning of the year so it was nice to try again!).

Happy Birthday, Chloe!

Another cake for another birthday!  Chloe (our Korean student) celebrated her birthday a week late with a few friends at a sleepover - lots of giggles, singing, sugar, and sleeping in - I guess some things are universal.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

17 Mile Drive

Please excuse the long post, but we had such a picturesque time on the coast that I couldn't resist sharing it with you.  Our spring break was a bit different this year as I was teaching, so we were only able to get away for an overnight.  However, the week was filled with magical moments: dinner and conversation with good friends, playtime with neighbors, a backyard movie bash, and our trip to visit the USS Hornet and 17 mile drive. 

Seeing the sea lions and bird on Bird Rock was a highlight. 

Getting up close and personal with the wild (tame?) life.

Another Year Older

In the midst of the kids' birthday celebrations, we have to celebrate dad, too.  Lloyd gained another year with a couple of celebrations.  We enjoyed some wonderful Baskin Robbins ice cream on his birthday and then he shared a cake (as he shares his birthday) with our friend and neighbor, Clara.  
Celebrating with the fam!

Letting Clara blow out the candles!