Thursday, August 21, 2014

First Day of School 2014

Ok, ok, I know there are a lot of pics in this post, but I couldn't resist!  My cuties are off to school again.  Anika (5th), Andrew (3rd), Kathryn (1st). And what a great start they've had - wonderful teachers, wonderful friends!

Photo bomb gone wrong!

Summer 2014 Road Trip: Part 4

The LONG road home! We took 3 days to drive back to CA.  Those 3 days included a hotel with an awesome water slide in NE, an unexpected detour Colorado when an accident MELTED I80 and stopped traffic into Utah, rainbows and lightning over the Rockies, a Super Wash in Craig, CO, the salt flats outside of Salt Lake City, and the wonderful arrival HOME.
At the Salt Flats!

Squinting into the sun made it difficult to get a good pic:-)

Anika selfie

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer 2014 Road Trip: Part 3

Family Time!!!  We made it to Morrison, safe and sound.  It was some great "down time": cousins, electronics (eek!!), guitars, Lego movie, Dominion (our new fav game), and more.  Unfortunately, I took pics on my phone as well as my camera so I just have a hodge-podge of pics from our time there.  We greatly missed my older sister and her family!!! It was a crew, but it wasn't the whole crew!

Summer 2014 Road Trip: Part 2

Well, I think this post is pretty much self-explanatory:-)  We wanted to make sure our thousands of miles of driving wasn't strictly spent in the car so we made sure to include this iconic stop on our way to Morrison.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Summer 2014 Road Trip: Part 1

We did it!  This year we took the trip that we've been talking about for awhile.  Instead of flying to the midwest this year, we took a road trip.  What an adventure!  And instead of just driving to IL, we decided to make things even more interesting and we started our trip by driving a thousand miles NORTH to visit friends in Sunnyside. It was a magical four days of reconnecting and refreshing.  The picture below are just a glimpse into our time there.  We partied with friends on the fourth, visited Wallula Vineyards, shared at Sunnyside CRC, and spent Sunday eating, laughing, crying, and worshipping with wonderful friends.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Splish-Splash 6th Birthday Party Bash

This year was Kathryn's first year to have a "school friend" birthday - and we went all out and invited all the girls in her class as well as the neighborhood friends.  What a blast!  Since we were looking at a HOT week, we made it a water theme.  We had a froggies on the pond cake, water relays, water balloon fights, snacks, ice cream, presents, and pizza.  It was a jammed packed afternoon but I think everyone had fun and the time flew by.  It was a wonderful afternoon with fabulous girls! 

Water sponge relay - which team can fill up their bucket to the blue line first.

Cheering on their teammates!

My baby - um, I mean, birthday girl!

Getting silly with the frosting - good things we were outside. . . with a hose:-)